Filipino Workshop

Get your impression of Filipino language (Tagalog).

The angry boss of this workshop has a word with his speechless, conscience-stricken employees as I was waiting for the tyre of my bike to get patched (galvanized). The little big boss is surely not shy in front of the foreign custumer!


Another Illegal Structure

West Cove is one of these structures build illegal. It was clear from the beginning that this project was illegal. However, powerfull people sometimes just don’t care. The rich, wellconnected owner – newspapers back in those days reported that even Manny Pacquiao the famous boxer idol was a investor in this project as well – build reckless on coralformations and even cemented a tiny beach. His concrete walles destroyed most of the coral life under the water because the environment had changed completely. This guy just didn’t care, because of his connections! Now he complaints and sees himself harassed and as victim. No pity!

Diniwid Crystal Cove
West Cove on the left.

Bulabog Beach after Closure

Saturday, 28th of April 2018

Bulabog beach is closed for all activities. Kite schools at the north part are abandoned or already demolished. The preworks (clearing the area) for the future road are already ongoing. Clean up of the beach has also started.

Timog Demolition
Timog Demolition
Roadworks at Hangin
Roadworks at Hangin
Bulabog, Camera team
Documenting/filming the process for – who knows?
Abandoned Kiteschool area
Abandoned Kiteschool area
Builidings Mt. Luho
Obviously illegal buildings on Mt. Luho (forestland), subject to demolition 

Here the new road will stretch alongside Bulabog beach.

Diamond Building Bulabog
The Diamond Water Sports compound. This ugly building at Bulabog Beach, with its massive concrete sea walls should have been never allowed in the first place. It is sad, that companies like that, who make a hell of money with tourists, show no sense for the beauty of the island and the importance of an intact nature! Short-sighted, greedy business owners contributed a lot to the dilemma, this island is in now. This is true as well for the big hotel companies on the White Beach.  And of course, this is not isolated on the Philippines, or on this island. This is true for a kind of human behaviour that is destroying this planet. They bite the hand that feeds ’em!