The Brutal Change of an once “Paradise-Island”

beach angol 2009
Angol Beach 2009, Hotel Isla

For some tourists Boracay will maybe still be a paradise in some way. But ruthless intrusions transform an island with streched white beaches, lushy green back country and  magnificent under water sceneries, in a big town, with countless hotels, resorts, villas, boardinghouses, open air malls, construction sites, etc. Well, a town with beaches at least! Where is big money, there is no restrain and least of all no pity for nature, it seems. This however is the development or the  evolution path of human being.Hotel Isla 2009
 hotel isla, lorenzo_south

The Hyatt Group finally found its way also to the island. They bought a vast property at Angol beach where the former Hotel Isla was situated. The privat owned hotel had just 24 suites.

Hotel Isla 2006

 Now the Hyatt Group teared it down and shapes the rock so it will fit in their concept. Not doubt about it, that these people think big and soon Boracay can add another few hundred suites to the tens of thousends it already has.

Construction site 2015

DSCN1246Angol 2014 (4)


Ati-Atihan 2015 with Popes Blessings

Today is Sunday 18th. At 9am we have cloudy skys with the sun about to brake through. Light wind only.

Pope Francis will hold an open air mass in Manila. Six million people are expected. ati-atihan-Boracay
The Ati-Atihan Festival in Boracay took place last Sunday. Today the parade in Kalibo takes place.

The Ati-Atihan Festival is celebrated in honour of Sto. Nino. Different tribes appear in colourful fancy dresses and dance on the street to the rhythm of drums and jingling Johnny.

Boracay Weather Jan. 16

Blue skys, air 31 degrees, wind north-east, 12-14 knots

By January 15 the water temerature at White Beach is back to normal. Ten days ago we had 21 degrees, now we have 25 degrees. Usually the sight under water is quiet good. WaterToday the water has turned into a greenish, turbid fluid which offers just a limited few. That tells us soon we’ll have algea-season! There are almost no fish to be seen. That’s however is not just a matter of the  water. It’s also because of too much business all around, people who don’t care much about nature.

Is it the South China Sea or the Atlantic Ocean…

…I was wandering, when I took the first plash in the waters by the White Beach which, I was quiet sure, was a part of the South China Sea. Sunday was the very first day in this new year, after that long time of depressions lingering around, when the sun finally returned. Swimming White Beach

Oh man, I never ever experienced the ocean here so cool. It felt for me like 22 or even 21 degrees celcius.  Quiet refreshing though. Usually its 27 degrees or so, in the summer even more than 30 degrees. I mean, its ok with me. I cannot complain as a European I am, can I?

Maybe this is also an effect of Global Warming. I learned, that Global Warming does not necessarily means higher temperatures in Europe or in the Tropics. Far more it means higher temeratures in the polar regions. So the ice will melt and besides of rising sea levels, the temerature of the water will drop.

Well, sounds like balanced…

Kamote (Sweet Potatoe, carrot, ginger Recipe)

Kamote, known as the the Filipino Sweet Potatoe, is a high nutritous vegetable. It’s available  here at the local markets mostly in two different types.Kamote red

One has a red peel, one has a white peel.

The one with the red peel has orange flesh.

The one with the white peel (which is used here),Kamote white

has flesh of deep violet colour.


It took me a while to give this tasty potatoe a try. Filipinos talk very often about the nutritious Kamote. It’s part of their diet. Some guys from the gym eat just simpel cooked, cold kamote as a kind of energy boost during the training. It’s a little, healthy snack in between. It’s not so high in carbohydrates like rice or maize. Therfore it’s a source of natural sugar and high in Vitamin A and beta-carotine. It’s firm to the bite, has a flour texture and a nuttily taste.

I like cooking, but it has to be fast. Without preparations my meal is done in 15 minutes.

Ingredients: kamote, carrot, red onion, chilli, ginger, garlic, salt, olive oil.

First I give chilli in a pan with hot olive oil.

Kamote with carrots, ginger in olive oil
Kamote with carrots, ginger in olive oil

Then I add ginger – thin slices.

Add the sliced kamote, then the carrots,the garlic and the red onion. Don’t slice it too thin so it does not burn.

Now add salt.

Don’t forget panning every now and then.

When the kamote has a fine crust at the outside the meal is ready to be served.

Tip: The extra highlight of this recipe, that creates a very special note, is the ginger. Thinly sliced and given in an early stage into the pan, in the end of the cooking process it will have a nice crispy texture.

Try it also with egg, like omelet. If you prefer meat I would recommend lamb chobs.

Healthy and soooo yummy!!