The Brutal Change of an once “Paradise-Island”

beach angol 2009
Angol Beach 2009, Hotel Isla

For some tourists Boracay will maybe still be a paradise in some way. But ruthless intrusions transform an island with streched white beaches, lushy green back country and  magnificent under water sceneries, in a big town, with countless hotels, resorts, villas, boardinghouses, open air malls, construction sites, etc. Well, a town with beaches at least! Where is big money, there is no restrain and least of all no pity for nature, it seems. This however is the development or the  evolution path of human being.Hotel Isla 2009
 hotel isla, lorenzo_south

The Hyatt Group finally found its way also to the island. They bought a vast property at Angol beach where the former Hotel Isla was situated. The privat owned hotel had just 24 suites.

Hotel Isla 2006

 Now the Hyatt Group teared it down and shapes the rock so it will fit in their concept. Not doubt about it, that these people think big and soon Boracay can add another few hundred suites to the tens of thousends it already has.

Construction site 2015

DSCN1246Angol 2014 (4)


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