Boracay Kite Weather Feb. 20, 2015

Bulabog Beach

Sunrise 6:12 / Sunset 18:00

High Tide 12:00Wolf

Low Tide 17:30

Situation at 2 pm:

Cloudy and rainshowers.

Windspeed 22 kts; Gusts up to 33 kts, North East

Temperature: A ‘cool’ 24 degrees.


Algea Season Has Begun

Algeas White Beach
Boracay, Sunday 15th, February 2015 Sunrise 6.14 / Sunset 17.59 Cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. Light winds, Amihan up to 12 knots.

Later than last season due too colder water temperatures but now the waterline at the White Beach will turning greener every day. The algeas will stay until summer, until Habagat will change weather conditions again.

Besides of that, the water today was crystal clear. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling.