Morning Kite – Afternoon Swim

March 14, 2015

You Kite at Bulabog and you swim at White Beach. Both DSC_0061beaches are face to face and only a short distance from each other. At the narrowest passage, from Kitestation Hangin to Aria Restaurant, it’s about 500m.

Today the wind was moderate: 11 – 13 knots (Gusts 16 knots) until 1 pm. Then it was dropping.

Mostly used kite sizes: 12 qm2

~ 35 kitesAngol Point

Air 32 degrees.

Swimming White Beach, Angol Point

Water 27 degrees, calm clear waters, moderate algea occurance, good swim.



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My only talent - if it is one at all - is to notice things that others find not worth looking at. Or to put it this way: I see things differently - as everybody does! The name 'Tescheniz' is an anagram.

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