Last Kitesession

In these days of the andvanced kiteboarding season we have still quiet good winds at bulabog. Today I was flying a 9m² 10. Kitekite. It was good until 1pm. Then the wind died dramatically.

Sunrise: 5:35 am

Sunset:  6:05 pm

Wind 12 – 14 knots

High Tide 2:15 pm, 1.5m

Kites: max. 10 (mostly used size: 12)
10. Kite


Aqua Boracay (site inspection)

Some views from iside Aqua Boracay.Building Aqua

The architectural language.

Cutting edge, chichi!

Viewing direction Mainland CaticlanViewing Direction Mainland, Caticlan.

Under construction

Construction going on.

Roof top viewRoof top view

roof top viewView from the roof over Bulabog Bay to Island of Carabao

roof top view

Habagat Kite Village (blue building)

and Resort Monaco in the back.

How Beautifuuuuul

The following pictures have been taken between Hotel Fridays and Hotel Terraces.

They promote the famous White Beach of Boracay as one of the best beaches in the world! Well, if it is so, they should’nt treat their No 1 beach like that:

White Beach, Hotel Terraces
White Beach, Hotel Terraces

Watch out carefully! Concrete chunks with rusty metal all over the place.

Concrete chunks

It’s not a memorial to the many fallen palmtrees in this area. It’s the fruitless attempt to secure the beach. Sadly, even if the artificial concrete tunks don’t work in favour of the beach (in the contrary: since one dropped them off it seems to get worse!), they don’t remove this eye disturbing rubble!

Concrete trunks


Rubble White Beach

Cruise Boracay

Since a few years cruise ships started to drop anker off the coast of Boracay. I Cruisesalways wonder why cruisers who pay a lot of money for a cruise, want to come to an overcrowded island like this when they could choose from a wide range of more than 7000 fantastic pristine islands in the Philippines. Here on this island is almost nothing authentic anymore. It’s just an open air mall with hardly anything special to offer.  What it has to offer however, are a lot of environmental issues. At the latest since Mc Donalds & Co arrived, the island feeling has reduced to a mere walk on the “famous” White Beach, which nowadays is more green than white because of the algea investation.

Algeas, Cruise
April 2, 2015

Apparently the cruisers visit an island where the authoroties don’t pay much attention to nature but pay a lot of attention to mass tourism which is obviously good for the statistics and their pockets. So it is for the cruise ship company. For them Boracay is a suitable stop where they can cheaply dump there garbage and their tourists for a day.