How Beautifuuuuul

The following pictures have been taken between Hotel Fridays and Hotel Terraces.

They promote the famous White Beach of Boracay as one of the best beaches in the world! Well, if it is so, they should’nt treat their No 1 beach like that:

White Beach, Hotel Terraces
White Beach, Hotel Terraces

Watch out carefully! Concrete chunks with rusty metal all over the place.

Concrete chunks

It’s not a memorial to the many fallen palmtrees in this area. It’s the fruitless attempt to secure the beach. Sadly, even if the artificial concrete tunks don’t work in favour of the beach (in the contrary: since one dropped them off it seems to get worse!), they don’t remove this eye disturbing rubble!

Concrete trunks


Rubble White Beach


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My only talent - if it is one at all - is to notice things that others find not worth looking at. Or to put it this way: I see things differently - as everybody does! The name 'Tescheniz' is an anagram.

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