First Kite Session of the Season

Today it was a sunny, mediocre day for kiteboarding. Windspeeds around 13/14 knots, from North East.

The season has not begun yet. Still boats lie at Bulabog Beach for maintenance and not many kite tourists are here although it is the Halloween weekend.

Facts of the day:


Sunrise 5:44 am

Sunset: 5:28 pm

Air: 31°C

Water: 29°C

Low Tide: 6:30 am (-0.3 m)

High Tide: 12:35 pm (1.2 m)

Big Banga


Boats Damage Corals of Boracay

It was a nice day, snorkeling in the pristine waters at the south tip of Boracay (Angolbeach). Here at low tide, just a few inches under the water, spreads a field of beautyful Porites (Corals). It’s the spot where they bring hundreds of tourists every day to show case the underwater world. Yet, it’s just incredible how little the people who are in the business with tourists, care about that precious, sensitive habitat. In fact, they belong to the destroyers of the coral reefs.

If it is banga or sailingboat: many times I saw them crashing on coralls when it is low tide. They just don’t keep distance to the shore. They even wash or paint there boats on the beach. Nobody cares about the environment, neither above nor under water!

Boracay Kite Weather Oct. 14, 2015

The weather system some 1,600 km east of the Philippines is now upgraded from Tropical Depression to a Tropical Storm, named Koppu. Landfall is predicted around Friday. Most probably in will pass north of Manila. It should affect the Visayas only with some rain an strong winds. For Boracay it could bring Habagat winds up to 35 knots til Sunday.

Situation at 10:30 am – mostly cloudy, light breeze form north, 10 kn, air 33 degrees.