Prime Parking Lot White Beach

White Beach is promoted as one of the 10 best beaches in the world. That sound like a farce if one looks at reality. The south end of the beach for instance, is mainly used as a parking lot for commercial boats.

Beach claimed by boats

But boats not only get parked there, they also get washed, repaired and even painted! A walk right at the ocean seam? Negative! One has to bypass sailingboats, paraws or motorboats.

Monday Feb. 29, 2016

Too many boats just everywhere – on the water and even on land!

Feb. 29, 2016

It could be the best part of the White Beach, with its rocks and steep faces. There is a favorite snorkeling ground and it could be so nice to hang out there. But besides the bad water situation today (hight tide, algeas), people just leave their waste at the spot. They leave it to the sea to clean up their shit!

Feb. 29, 2016
Feb. 29, 2016

The most important fact for those who are charge is numbers: 10 Cruises this year – 3 Million tourists soon. About profit numers they keep silince of course. It’s mass not quality what they want obiviously. And proof of this habit is easy spot everywhere.

One sailing boat on the beach however, photographed at the right angle, makes it look like a scene from paradise again. Just don’t look around and keep smiling!

Feb. 29, 2016

Kite Today

Friday 26, Feb. 2016

Sunrise 6:09 am

Windrange from 13 to 21 knots. Sunny in the morning. Mostly clouded and light rain in the afternoon. High tide at 12:50 h. Kites in the air ~ 50.


Fresh breeze from North East. During High Tide the waves were not very comfortable. Wind lessens from 2 pm on.

Wind not enough. 4:30 pm

Sunset 6:01 pm



Helicopter Ban

Since last week the helicopters have vanished from the scene in Boracay. Why? Because of the Flying Fox Initiative? Because of the noise-pollution? Some say it’s all about money. Who knows? Next week maybe they fly again.

A missing noise? For sure not.

A missing fun? Only for those who can’t enjoy the natural things which a tropical island has to offer.

As a matter of fact, the backround sound of these things in the air became just too omniperesent, at least for those with a fine hearing! Also it is not a good sign if we don’t sense such artificial noise anymore because we consider it as part of the environment from some point on. Anyway, it is not fun to watch the helicopter from the beach, disturbing the view of the horizion in adition to the already too many boats on the scene (where is the sun? there she is, behind the heli! just kiddin’…)!

Heli Bora

In peak times three helis would circle the island.

Also a disturbance for all those who live near the landing strip in Manoc Manoc.

And as everybody knows and can see, on this island there is no end in increasing such businisses which introduce all kinds of vehicles, on land, on sea and in the air.

Once,some of the tallest flying objects on this island were the Flying Foxes. A last declining population of these magnificent animals still make their way every day from the mainland to Boracay and hang out at a small area at Yapak (North Tip of the island). Now we are about to destroy the last little refuge for them. Destroy the small strip of a forest just to build another resort, another hotel. And we even take the sky above them. It seems people have no way with nature anymore. Greed seems to be the driving force of the vessel Boracay!


Algae Season Again

Since two weeks the algaes bloom in Boracay. Swiming is not just a pleasure anymore for those who are used to crystal clear waters. Also a stroll along the famous White Beach feels sometimes more like a stroll on a soggy, foul smelling surface.

White Beach Feb. 4, 2016

For a nice swim one has to stay at least 150 meters offshore.

How it looks like under water about 50 meters from the beach.

But for Chinese People this is still Paradise. Conditions in China are much, much worse. And yet, obviously some can even enjoy disgusting conditions like these! Hopfully Boracay will never get there. But if nobody cares, or nobody sees a problem anymore, who knows….

algenplage china 1Algenplage china 2algenplage china 3china algenplage 4

And money flows anyway!