Algae Season Again

Since two weeks the algaes bloom in Boracay. Swiming is not just a pleasure anymore for those who are used to crystal clear waters. Also a stroll along the famous White Beach feels sometimes more like a stroll on a soggy, foul smelling surface.

White Beach Feb. 4, 2016

For a nice swim one has to stay at least 150 meters offshore.

How it looks like under water about 50 meters from the beach.

But for Chinese People this is still Paradise. Conditions in China are much, much worse. And yet, obviously some can even enjoy disgusting conditions like these! Hopfully Boracay will never get there. But if nobody cares, or nobody sees a problem anymore, who knows….

algenplage china 1Algenplage china 2algenplage china 3china algenplage 4

And money flows anyway!


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My only talent - if it is one at all - is to notice things that others find not worth looking at. Or to put it this way: I see things differently - as everybody does! The name 'Tescheniz' is an anagram.

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