Encounter with a Bluffer

April 30, 2016

Nice day for swimming and snorkeling today. At the south tip of Boracay are less people and it’s less boat traffic today than usual. I suppose it’s because the party is going on at Station 1. So, good for people like myself who want to escape.

It’s very hot and the water is relatively calm. Yet not so clear because of high tide (3 pm 1.4) and the processing of algeas and other water plants.

And while snorkeling, I meet the biggest blowie ever. A pufferfish, huge like a pomelo. A real swellhead. Playing half dead to fool me, he, he…






Party, Party, Party…

April 29, 2016

The advertising caravan has arrived and so have thousands of party people and give-away hunters. It’s the big weekend. It’s getting loud, it’s getting louder! A vacationer from other parts of the world who came here to enjoy a prisine tropical beach and find some rest from the hustle and bustle he believed just to have escaped from, may have choosen the wrong time and the wrong place, if his residence is situated at the front beach (White Beach).

Set up on the White Beach. Companis take over the paradise!
Standing in line for freebies and bubbling sugarwater.

The party people however seem to enjoy the action, the noice, the spectacle. It’s the hottest time of the year. The crowd, the promoters and screeming hosts everywhere, make the felt air temperature even higher.

Not many places at the White Beach are left, where one can still find some serenity.




Immigration Affairs

Valid by April 2016

Clearance Immigration

If you stay longer than 6 Month in the country the Clearance Certificate is necessary for leaving the country.


  • Application 30 days befor departure at the earliest
  • Passportcopy of all stamps and the frontpage
  • Passport
  • ID Card
  • Copy of ID Card
  • Copy of Flight Ticket
  • 3 Pics, 2 by 2 inches
  • 500 Peso

The Bureau of Immigration in Boracay is situated at Station 3, Mainroad (just across Budget Mart /E-Mall). Open weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.


Let’s call it a Season

Sunday the 17th of April

The days of ‘Amihan’ are numbered. Still, there are some winds around. Usually til 8 am the wind seams to be the strongest. At midday wind speeds around 12 knots require big kites, big boards and/or low weight!


Today we had sideshore winds between 15 and 11 knots from east. Not very nice. Riding upwind hardly possible. Everybody was staying in the same lane, more or less. So, lets call it a day and lets call it a season as well!

Kites in the air ~ 25