Manilas Massive Skyline Project

Maybe in 2016 already the first line will be finished.

Skyline 1
Skyline 2
Beneath the Skyline



Boracay – Manila 45 Minutes

Naia Terminal 3 – Hotel 3 hours 30 Minutes!!

(May 4, 2016)

Bad, bad, Taxi-Situation: Maybe it has to get worse before it can get better. But a year ago it was already the same. There are not enough taxis to deal with the amount of travellers. If one has to wait 2 hours for a taxi it is just to much. And regular taxis are not allowed. Only the yellow ones. Only one thing has changed since last year. Now they have a seconde line for senior citizen and people with infants. Sadly for me, I’m not old enough and I have also no infant I could claim mine. So I have to wait even longer than last year. If this situation clears up with the new Skyline finished?

Manila Terminal 3, Taxi Stand, endless queue (pic. from 2015). On the left one can see the beginning of the Skyline contruction. Today there is the massive concrete pillar.