The Cleanest – The Lovliest – The Most Chaotic

Airports are like a mirror of the country one travels.

These three airports I transit to my journey to Asia:

The Cleanest

Taiwan Taoyuan Internatioal Airport

Not many restaurants or cafes, but the few existing offer a good quality of food. Closing time of all shops is 11 pm. For those who have a late flight there is nothing else to do than waiting. At least at this time it’s not very busy and it’s easy to find a place to rest.

Taiwan Taoyuan Interantional Airport
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Closing time 11 pm)
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Restrooms
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Restroom
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Prayerrooms

The Loveliest

Singapore Changi International Airport

is maybe the lovliest airport I visited so far. Not even iside it has a warm welcoming athmosphere. Even if one approaches the airport by taxi the streets are lined with greens and trees. Well done!


The Most Chaotic

…without doubt is

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

To get to another terminal one has to get out of the airport and either take a taxi or enter the shuttle bus, which is not even for free. Never mind – its cheap though, like 20 peso. But come on! The transfer to another terminal, especially for tourists who have just arrived and have to catch a plane, should be most convenient and always free. It can also take quiet a time to get you from terminal 1 to terminal 2 or 3 or vice versa. So better be early.

The transport system away from the airport to the hotel is even more chaotic. There are not enough taxis to match the demand, because only one taxi company is given access to the arrival area.

Manila Terminal 3, Taxi Stand (Line up for yellow taxi; to have a long wait up to 2 hours is normality during daytime; this is crazy if one takes in consideration that a flight from Boracay to Manila takes just an hour!!)

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