The Old Man and the Sandcastle


Once, there was an old man. He came in the morning with his shovel, a bucket,  a hand brush and a carving scraper. He would pile up a huge heap of sand, would pur water over it and then start with his daily work – carving a majestic castle out of the heap. It would take him until the late afternoon, but he took his time. There was no reason to rush nor anything else for him to do. When it was finished in the late afternoon, the tourists would take pics and leave a tip. And when the sun set, he would even put little candles in the windows of his building. That was probably how the old man made his living, or his contribution to his family income. This was what he did, day after day, year in, year out!


Later younger sand carvers would copy his casle and soon one could see many castles on the beach. All the same, more or less. Nobody came up with the idea of doing something different for a change.


One day the old man did not appear anymore. His leagacy was obviously over. For a while his heirs went on carving the old mans casle out of the sand. But one day somebody got an idea. Why investing so much time in such a big short-lived structure. Why not reduce it to just the name and the date.

And so it came. Everyday, at every turn, you see the very same motive, multiple times. In terms of effectiveness it was not a bad idea. In terms of ambition or artistic taste of course, it is a setback!

But, what can you expect anyway in such a world?



Kite Bulabog

Today I started my personal kite season at Bulabog. Since there was a lot of rain reacently and it was cloudy too, the water was not so nice. But the wind was quite good.

Bulabog Beach

The wind picked up sometimes to 25 knots! I used the Core Free 9m² and was quite comfortable with it.

Good strong wind

Facts 22.12.2017:

  • wind ~ 20 kts
  • cloud cover 90 %
  • kits in the air ~ 70
  • high tide 1:30 pm 0.9m


The Big Rain Aftermath

The D’Mall is flooded like never befor. Storekeepers and restaurants suffer severe damages. Back to normality today after tropical storm Urduja has left the Visayas region.


People who live here for long say, they have never seen this much rain. On the other hand the flood we have just exerienced is of course also man-made. This island had once lagoons and swamps. It had natural lakes and drainage. This is all destroyed by man. They drained the swamps, filled the lagoons and natural lakes.  They built their huge concrete complexes and sealed the ground. They forced the water to search for new ways to find its way to the sea. And water is a powerful force – unstoppable indeed!

Pics from yesterday:






Heavy Rainfall


Power blackout. Electricity is run by the diesel generator right now.

Since yesterday it rains strong without cease. In addition temperatures fell to 24°C. But accompanied with gusty winds it feels maby like 20°C.

Heavy rain since yesterday. You have to sit it out!


Another cool and rainy day as topical storm Urduja moves slowly out of the country.