Art of Trash…

…staged by Nature!


A single flip-flop, seperated from its counterpart, forgotten or abandoned, is drifting at20180221_103758 the shorline. When I walk along the beach I see a lot of trash. All kind of waste: straws, plastic cups, bottles, bags, child’s toys and of course slippers, or flip-flops. You find them very often. Usually they are worn down and then just left at the beach. The sea is just a great waste disoposer, it seems. Sometimes however, people go swimming, leave their flip-flops behind at the shoreline and forget about the rising tide. This one here, seems to be one of that kind. It looks just too goodly – sexy almost!

Maybe I will find its fellow along the way? An advertisement staged by Nature. Even trash can be inspiring from time to time!


20180225_093435              20180225_233435


Stroll at Bulabog


Today the wind took a brake for two hours during midday. After its revival however, it had its ups and downs. At least for about another two hours it was enough to go with an 9m² kite.

Wind dropped dramatically at 11 am

The sun was mostly absent. At least – no rain! Quality of the water? Not really good and the beach itself looked very dirty as well.

Kites in the air: ~ 60

Wind: 10 – 16 kts



Beach at Freestyle Academy

Beach at Hangin and Isla Kiteboarding
Beach Reef Riders and Isla Kiteboarding
Beach Timog Kiteboarding