Day of the Sea Snake


Today I was lucky and could dive with one of my favourite animals, the Banded Sea Krate. I even found one taking a nap on the beach.

Banded Sea Krate, going for air

Banded Sea Krate close to surface

Banded Sea Krate & Moray Eel
Banded Sea Krate and Moray Eel in the front of the pic. She missed that one. Usually sea krates prey on moray eels.

Banded Sea Krate and Moray


Banded Sea Krate ashore
Banded Sea Krate taking a nap on the beach

The Day of the Big Announcement…

…or also the begin of Holy Week! But besides all that it was a day to enjoy the beach, the sun, kiteboarding or whatever tourists enjoy on days like that.

However, the people who live here, especially the people who own property and the people who do business are not in such a good mood these days. They are indeed very concerned about what President Duterte might announce today. Will they close the island? Will they have to destroy their properties because they are in the way of a future developement, mainly implemented by Chinese? Chinese buy like hell right know. Monaco de Boracay is as good as sold to them! Linganay will follow. The billionairs club of Macau will invest at least 500 000 000 Dollars in their Casino project. Considering that Boracay was once a paradise for backpackers this developement surely is something almost nobody could imagine.

But anyway – it was a good day for kiteboarding!!!


Pics of today:




Core Free, 9 m²


Wind Blows – Despite Bad News – – – – – – Kite Today


Tourists from western countrys don’t come to Boracay anymore in big numbers. There is too much uncertainty now (closing the island?) and to many bad news. So, despite the very good wind today (~ 20 knots) there were only some ten kitesurfers on the water.

Bulabog on March 24, 2018

Wind 19 – 22 kts

Kites in the air ~ 10

High Tide 2:35 pm, 1.6m