Morning Kite – Afternoon Swim

March 14, 2015

You Kite at Bulabog and you swim at White Beach. Both DSC_0061beaches are face to face and only a short distance from each other. At the narrowest passage, from Kitestation Hangin to Aria Restaurant, it’s about 500m.

Today the wind was moderate: 11 – 13 knots (Gusts 16 knots) until 1 pm. Then it was dropping.

Mostly used kite sizes: 12 qm2

~ 35 kitesAngol Point

Air 32 degrees.

Swimming White Beach, Angol Point

Water 27 degrees, calm clear waters, moderate algea occurance, good swim.



Barringtonia Asiatica

Also called the “Sea Poison Tree” or Fish Poison Tree”.

Sea poison tree or fish poison tree.
Sea poison tree or fish poison tree.

A tree beeing found close to coastal areas, at the Indian Ocean or the West Pacific region. It grows to heights up to 20 meters. Its oblong, waxy leaves reach a length between 20 and 40 cm.


Its large pinkish white pompom flower opens up after sunset to attract night flying insects like moths or fruit bats.

Barringtonia asiatica, flowerBarringtonia Fruit

The large, lantern-shaped fruit is highly water-resistant and robust.

Every part of the tree is poisonous. Especially the seeds of the fruit, grounded to a powder, have been used to stun or kill fish.

Besides that, the dense foliage of the tree gives a perfect hiding place to escape the burning sun during a hot summer day on the beach.

A Good Day For Kiteboarding

2nd bay, look to the right, 4.30 pm

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Sunrise 6:07 am

Sunset  6:02 pm

For this late day in the season we had very good winds, form the morning to the early afternoon approx. 22 knots. The skys were mostly clouded. The water level over the whole day remained at a good niveau. And: there are not so many kiters anymore. Approx. 45 kites on the water (also due to strong wind).

view 2nd bay to left
view 2nd bay to the left
2nd bay, 4:30 pm

Algea Season Has Begun

Algeas White Beach
Boracay, Sunday 15th, February 2015 Sunrise 6.14 / Sunset 17.59 Cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. Light winds, Amihan up to 12 knots.

Later than last season due too colder water temperatures but now the waterline at the White Beach will turning greener every day. The algeas will stay until summer, until Habagat will change weather conditions again.

Besides of that, the water today was crystal clear. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling.