Tropical Storm – Weather dec. 30

Sunrise 6:11 amTropical Storm dec 30

Sunset 5:37 pm

Today we are under the influence of Tropical Storm Jangmi (Seniang).

Current situation: Strong winds (up to 35 knots) , rain and cool conditions (24 degrees).

Forcast: The storm will leave the Visayas area during the day and night. No rain tomorrow. The party and fireworks on Dec. 31 can take place under partially clouded skys.


Winguru & Co are very often not right!

Sunrise 6:11 am

Sunset 5:36 pm

Actual wather situation 9:30 am  Bulabog 29 dec


Light winds, approx. 12 knots


Windfinder dec 29,2014
Windfinder dec 29,2014

According to windfinder it should be 23 knots. It shows, that Windguru and Co. is not really reliable.

But as a low pressure will close in to the Philippines, the situation will change within the next few hours. The skys will turn cloudy and the wind will pick up.


Kite Boracay, Weatherconditions, dec 28

Bulabog Beach, dec 28
Bulabog Beach 3 pm, viewing direction north

Sunrise 6:10 am

Sunset: 5:36 pm

Today sunny

Wind was less than expected: 15 – 23 knots. Moderate gusts. North/East.

Bulabog Beach
Bulabog Beach 3 pm, viewing direction south

Average Kites (without students) on the water ∼ 75

Forcast: A low pressure is closing in. We are expecting much stronger winds and heavy rain especially for Tuesday, dec. 30.

Tropical Disturbance 99W (LPA) becomes a Tropical Depression 23W (SENIANG) as it gains strength while over the South Philippine Sea, east of Mindanao. 23W (SENIANG) is expected to directly affect most parts of Visayas and Mindanao including Palawan this coming week.  Satelite pic dec. 28

This cyclone will enhance the Northeast Monsoon (Hanging Amihan) – bringing cooler, windy and mostly cloudy conditions with occasional slight to moderate rains along the northern and eastern sections of Luzon..