Typhoon Melor

Classification/Name: TY MELOR (NONA)
Location: In the vicinity of Irosin, Sorsogon…(near 12.7N 124.0E)
About: 33 km south of Sorsogon City, Sorsogon…or 55 km southeast of Legazpi City, Albay
Maximum Sustained Winds (10-min avg): 180 kph near the center…Gustiness: 220 kph.

Boracay is not strongly effected. Today average winds up to 18 knots from West (Habagat). Heavy rain for tomorrow is expected.

Typhoon Melor

MELOR (NONA) is expected to move west-northwest during the next 24 hours, turning slightly to the west with decreasing forward speed through the remainder of the outlook period. On the forecast track, MELOR (NONA) shall emerge over the Ragay Gulf and will be passing across Ticao-Burias Islands Area this evening and emerging over the Sibuyan Sea by early Tuesday morning (Dec 15). On Tuesday morning, MELOR (NONA) shall be making landfall anew over the northernmost part of Oriental Mindoro, passing very near Calapan Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday afternoon (Dec 16), the cyclone shall emerge over the West Philippine Sea, moving away from the country.


Kite Dec 9, 2015

Sunrise: 6:01 h

Sunset: 5:28 h

Today was a good day for kiteboarding.

Kites in the bay at 11 h ~ 35

Beach in front of Happy Home Resto

Wind 17 knots, East

Air 30° C

Water 28° C

Tide high: 10:05, 1m; low: 15:00, 0,4m


Coral Bleaching

Located at the south-west tip of Boracay is an actually quiet impressive snorkel area. Many boats come here every day and dump hundreds of people into the water. The tourists don’t see so many fish anymore like in earlier years.

This area is also the habitat of a build-up of beautifully formed Porites Solidas. One can barely find these kind of corals, in that concentration, elsewere in the world. When it is low tide in some cases they are only a few centimeteres under the water surface.

Some people however, don’t see this harmonious shaped boulders, in the form of a giant head, a mushroom or a turtle, as the treasure that it really is. In the contrary: they step on them, they chrash with their boats on them and the rest is done by man-made pollution and global warming. As a matter of fact, the water temperature this season, is much higher than it was last season at the very same time. And not to forget the Star of Crown starfish investation last year.

Now, for the first time in years observing this area, I see this majestic boulders turning white. Coral bleaching sets in. A bad sign.