Pics from Bulabog Beach Today


Not so clean. Just before the kite school of Mango Riders.
Beach at 7Stones.





Art of Trash…

…staged by Nature!


A single flip-flop, seperated from its counterpart, forgotten or abandoned, is drifting at20180221_103758 the shorline. When I walk along the beach I see a lot of trash. All kind of waste: straws, plastic cups, bottles, bags, child’s toys and of course slippers, or flip-flops. You find them very often. Usually they are worn down and then just left at the beach. The sea is just a great waste disoposer, it seems. Sometimes however, people go swimming, leave their flip-flops behind at the shoreline and forget about the rising tide. This one here, seems to be one of that kind. It looks just too goodly – sexy almost!

Maybe I will find its fellow along the way? An advertisement staged by Nature. Even trash can be inspiring from time to time!


20180225_093435              20180225_233435

Monkey Island (Part II)

Most of us live in Boracay for many years already. We saw the changes and  maybe we don’t like the development. People like us try always to escape mass tourism. Finally arrived on the beach, we just can imagine how Boracay must have been alike twenty or so, years ago. Not many tourists back then. No tourists now here! Only us. Well, a couple of eco tourists were here as well. They stayed in a little, neat resort in the back. Apart from that, its only us and the locals who live here. Sadley we got to know, that the Chinese have already bought a big part of that piece of quiet nature. So, this is perhaps the last time we’ll experience this beach this quiet and this untouched!

Money Point Trip 1_Donna_Beach
Just beachless!



Monkey Point Trip 2018_On the rock
Cliff jumping
Monkey Point Trip 2018_Waterview_Rock
Crystal clear


Monkey Point Trip 2018_Water_Jungle


Monkey Point Trip 2018_Rocky_Next Beach
Wild around the edge

The warm evening light reminds us – the boat is waiting. For me, a day imagining Robinson Crusoe comes to an end, one beautifull day off the beaten track!







The Old Man and the Sandcastle


Once, there was an old man. He came in the morning with his shovel, a bucket,  a hand brush and a carving scraper. He would pile up a huge heap of sand, would pur water over it and then start with his daily work – carving a majestic castle out of the heap. It would take him until the late afternoon, but he took his time. There was no reason to rush nor anything else for him to do. When it was finished in the late afternoon, the tourists would take pics and leave a tip. And when the sun set, he would even put little candles in the windows of his building. That was probably how the old man made his living, or his contribution to his family income. This was what he did, day after day, year in, year out!


Later younger sand carvers would copy his casle and soon one could see many castles on the beach. All the same, more or less. Nobody came up with the idea of doing something different for a change.


One day the old man did not appear anymore. His leagacy was obviously over. For a while his heirs went on carving the old mans casle out of the sand. But one day somebody got an idea. Why investing so much time in such a big short-lived structure. Why not reduce it to just the name and the date.

And so it came. Everyday, at every turn, you see the very same motive, multiple times. In terms of effectiveness it was not a bad idea. In terms of ambition or artistic taste of course, it is a setback!

But, what can you expect anyway in such a world?