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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Sunset Today Dec 8
Sunset December 8

Sunset Dec 8


White Beach Station 3 – Before and After

Before the closure on 26th of April 2018, at Station 3 was the Station House, kind of a meeting point or resting place.

Station 3, On the beach were the tents of the ticket sellers for water sports activities.

The station house is removed now. No tents allowed under the trees or on the beach.

swiss inn nov 2018
Station 3, White Beach. Station House removed. View from Swiss Inn


Keyhole Peeper

angol nov. 2018, keyhole
Little Cave at Angol south

Peering through the keyhole everything’s seems to be all right. The world seems to be in order again. However, it is not. Lots of establishments are still closed because they are not approved yet. Although there is no infrastructure to handle an uncontrolled entry of tourists. The main road is still not finished. Apart from a few hundred meters of the new Bulabog Road (or shall we call it “Boulevard”?), most roads are only partially paved. Pipes still have to be brought under ground, buildings are still in the process of being demolished. The pumping station at Bulagog Beach is still under construction.

Kiteboarding is allowed again but there are new rules. There are only two launching areas at Bulabog, respectively at both ends of the beach. The kite schools which were located at the beach by the new road, are now located just across the road.

And what about marine life after six month of closure and rehabilitation? It’s poorer than ever. It was never great but now our first dive at Angol Beach was really disappointing. They say it’s because of overfishing.

new bulabog road
New road strip at Bulabog. Kite schools Isla and Hangin are located across the street, at the corner.
new road along bulabog
Along the new road strip
demolition bulabog road
Demolition ongoing after 6 month of closure (Nov. 28, 2018)