‘World Dream’ Leaving…

… in the pouring rain.


Rain today 3
World Dream leaving.
Rain today 2
Paddleboard for rent…
Rain today 1
  • the sun rose at 6:03 am
  • sunset was at 17:30 pm
  • air 26°C
  • water 25°C
  • low tide was at 12:51 pm (0.3m)
  • high tide 7:50 am (1.2m)

Tropical Depression


It was just too hot for this time of the season. ‘Tino’, once a tropical storm, will change that. Although downgraded to just a tropical depression now, it will bring lots of rain and cooler temperatures, as low as 23 ° Celisius (night). The exchange of warm and cold air masses will of course produce good winds for the next couple of days.

The weather pattern is about to change. Forcast: Wind up to 20 knots, rain and cooler temperatures.

~ cloud cover 83%

~ Wind 11 kts (Gust 14 kts)

  •  low tide was at 10:52 h
  • 0.2 m


From Stem to Stern


White Beach to its full extension! A strech of about 4 kilometers.

Direction of view is north to south.

Location: Station 1, Club Paraw
Location: Hotel Ambassador
This is the End or the Beginning of the famous White Beach in the north. Today it has shown itself almost from its very best!

Today we had 11 hours and 27 minutes of sun.

low tide was at 9:03 am; – 0.1m

Divided Island


Boracay is only about 7 kilometers in length and yet, sometimes, it rains in one part and stays sunny in the other. This of course, is only true for scattered rainfalls and not for major weather patterns. And it is true specifically during the northeastern monsoon, the Amihan season.

The part who is ‘blessed’ with more rainfall, is the south. The simple reason for that is the proximity to the mainland and its mountain range. It’s one of the spectacles of nature, when clouds close in and cover slowly but surley the view of the mainland. Its like a curtain would slowly close. And then there is nothing to be seen from the mainland anymore. Like the scene of the mystic Avalon. But perhaps this comparison is too farfeched.

Nevertheless, nice to watch and kind of awsome.

Today such a magical show was offered!

The following two pics are taken in the same minute. The first showing the south part, the second showing the north part…

Still, a part of the mainland Panay can be seen.
Just turn around and you have this view. Sunny in the northern part.
Heavy rain in the mainland and already at the south tip of the island. And still sunny in the middle part of the island. The distance to the mainland is about 4 kilometers.
Nothing from the mainland can be seen anymore. Maybe it’s time for the photographer to search for cover!


Harlequin Snake Eel

Or Banded Snake Eel is a mimicry of the poisonous banded sea snake. As eels hide during the day and hunt by night the Banded Snake Eel makes an exception. As he appears as a snake it seems, it also behaves as one, which means, swimming around by day as snakes do.

Snake Eel
Myrichthys colubrinus, Harlequin snake eel

However, cornered by a diver, it gets agitated and runs kind of a mock attack. After all, the eel resembles a deadly poisonous snake. But its all just a con!


The snake eel uses the confusion of the potential enemy to escape to the nearest borrow.



Snake Eel

Banded Snake Eel, intimidated by the diver, nervously trys to find its burrow – which is obviously blocked by a sea urchin – only to disappear completely underground.