Ladies in Red…

…lost in the blue!

A stark contrast of color


Kite behind Bars

While construction on the island is still going on, the tourist industry runs at full speed. This opens a new view on some tourist attractions.

Bay 2 Bulabog

Kite Impressions February 2019

In the first two weeks of February the wind was quiet consistent. An average of 14/15 knots. Mostly sunny.

Kite down!

After the reopening the island is still undergoing a lot of construction. Bulabog Beach displays many construction sides as well. Especially the pumping station in the middle of the bay has still a long time to go until it will be finished. The beach around that area is almost unusable. Maybe because of a lot of uncertainty it is not as busy as it was before the closure, which is not necessarily a bad thing if you just come for kitesurfing.

Bulabog Beach