Hangin Kite

An era comes to an end!

Hangin Kite was one of the oldes kite schools in Boracay. Now it falls victim to the ‘masterplan’! It’s in the way of the new road – the ‘New Boracay’.

Hangin demolition
Hangin on the left
demolition Hangin
Hangin demolition


New Road Bulabog, Hangin
Roadworks towards Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach after Closure

Saturday, 28th of April 2018

Bulabog beach is closed for all activities. Kite schools at the north part are abandoned or already demolished. The preworks (clearing the area) for the future road are already ongoing. Clean up of the beach has also started.

Timog Demolition
Timog Demolition
Roadworks at Hangin
Roadworks at Hangin
Bulabog, Camera team
Documenting/filming the process for – who knows?
Abandoned Kiteschool area
Abandoned Kiteschool area
Builidings Mt. Luho
Obviously illegal buildings on Mt. Luho (forestland), subject to demolition 

Here the new road will stretch alongside Bulabog beach.

Diamond Building Bulabog
The Diamond Water Sports compound. This ugly building at Bulabog Beach, with its massive concrete sea walls should have been never allowed in the first place. It is sad, that companies like that, who make a hell of money with tourists, show no sense for the beauty of the island and the importance of an intact nature! Short-sighted, greedy business owners contributed a lot to the dilemma, this island is in now. This is true as well for the big hotel companies on the White Beach.  And of course, this is not isolated on the Philippines, or on this island. This is true for a kind of human behaviour that is destroying this planet. They bite the hand that feeds ’em!  

Last Rise Up


No one can imagine how it will be when the island finally will be closed. They suspend all watersports from April 15 on. Crazy. They even don’t want people have a dive in the ocean anymore. Not even children! By now about 70 000 people live on this island, without tourists. This is a town – a chaotic one, but a town – on an island, with schools, with banks, hospitals, stores  and services of all kinds, and all depend on the tourists. 70000 people, residents, workers, employees and summer holidays are ahead. It’s getting really hot. And they will not even allow the children to play on the beach, to dive in the ocean? They just don’t care! They will send in police forces and maybe even armee troops.

However, besides of that, today it was almost like business as usual. At least on the White Beach. Tourist enjoy these last days. It was especially crowded on the White Beach – like a last rise up.

White Beach Sunday 8-4-18
White Beach, Sunday, 17 days before closure.
White Beach Rainbow
White Beach yesterday

Even for kiteboarding at Bulabog Beach was quite ok today. Around 13 knts at this time of the season is not bad. Only the water in the bay was not nice today. This we have to admit – Boracay has it’s problems and it is caused by an unregulated growth deliberated by authorities in charge, and not taking care of the wast- and sewage problem caused by that!

Pics Bulabog today:

approx. 20 kiters on the water.

Bulabog, kite banana bay
Kitecenter banana bay. All those buildings face demolition. They are too close to the beach.
Sometimes even Bulabog has a paradisal appearence. Definitely not today, though. The rainfall last night flushed all the shit into the bay.

As a matter of fact – only the beaches and ocean can be paradisal. Boracay as a town – into which it has developed during the last 10 years – is indeed a shitty place. There is nothing nice in this city center that streches from White Beach to Bulabog Beach and along the Main Road. Everything is chaotic, dirty, ugly. You will not find any style in structures. The short walk from Bulabog to White Beach and vice versa, is not a pleasure and not healthy! You have to transit heavy traffic, air pollusion, bad roads with (dangerous) or no sidewalks. Not what one would expect from the tourist destination No. 1 in the Philippines!

The small Resort Aissatou at Bulabog is actually the only resort that offers a beautiful garden open to the front beach. The neat hotel however sits discret in the back. The owners (German/Filipina) do business, but they do also love and respect nature. This example shows that it possible to built nice and even beeing successfull in business.


Aissatou Garden

Wind Blows – Despite Bad News – – – – – – Kite Today


Tourists from western countrys don’t come to Boracay anymore in big numbers. There is too much uncertainty now (closing the island?) and to many bad news. So, despite the very good wind today (~ 20 knots) there were only some ten kitesurfers on the water.

Bulabog on March 24, 2018

Wind 19 – 22 kts

Kites in the air ~ 10

High Tide 2:35 pm, 1.6m





Stroll at Bulabog


Today the wind took a brake for two hours during midday. After its revival however, it had its ups and downs. At least for about another two hours it was enough to go with an 9m² kite.

Wind dropped dramatically at 11 am

The sun was mostly absent. At least – no rain! Quality of the water? Not really good and the beach itself looked very dirty as well.

Kites in the air: ~ 60

Wind: 10 – 16 kts



Beach at Freestyle Academy

Beach at Hangin and Isla Kiteboarding
Beach Reef Riders and Isla Kiteboarding
Beach Timog Kiteboarding