Kite today

Friday 13

A bad day for kiteboarding. Wind not like forcasted. According Windguru picking up winds from 11 am on from 15 knots to 25 knots. Instead max wind 12 knots minus!

Trying Core XR 10 m².



Let’s call it a Season

Sunday the 17th of April

The days of ‘Amihan’ are numbered. Still, there are some winds around. Usually til 8 am the wind seams to be the strongest. At midday wind speeds around 12 knots require big kites, big boards and/or low weight!


Today we had sideshore winds between 15 and 11 knots from east. Not very nice. Riding upwind hardly possible. Everybody was staying in the same lane, more or less. So, lets call it a day and lets call it a season as well!

Kites in the air ~ 25



Last Rear Up of the Wind

It’s late in the season for kiteboarding at Bulabog-Beach. But yesterday and today wind-catchers are happy. Windspeeds up to 23 knots (the peak today 2:30 pm for 30 minutes) was possible. Today in the morning was less wind than in the afternoon. Usually it is different.

March 29, 2016. Not many kiters these days
March 29, 2016. Tranquil scenery
March 29, 2016

Data of today:

Wind: 12 knots to 23 knots during the day.

Air: 27° C

Humidity: 96%

High Tide: 1:30 pm, 1.5 m

Kites ~ 30