Two Beaches – One Day

Bolabog Beach and White Beach are opposite of each other. At the narrowest point these beaches are not even 500 meters apart. Bolabog facing toward east, White Beach facing toward west. However, it seems, as if both beaches were located on two different islands.

Impressions from today, April 26, 2017

Bolagob Beach

It’s very hot today (35 °C). Even if a gentle breeze today offers a nice relief at Bolabog Beach, an umbrella is not a bad idea!
The light breeze from east is still enough to keep a kite in the air.
Aissatou Beach Resort (Habagat Kiteboarding) has the best location at Bolabog. They even have a nice garden inside where you can relax.

White Beach (today)

Because the White Beach lies lee side, there is hardly to feel any wind today. The south part of the beach is quiet free from algeas now. A lot of algeas are still in the middle part just at the height of the Regency Resort. But here at the south it is almost a perfect beach day, and look at these colors!

Crystal blue (White Beach, South, Angol)
What a background for a selfie!
Enjoy a dive…
Enjoy scrubbing your skin with the fine sands of White Beach (fine and white at least partially!!)



ITs Getting Hot!

April 14, 2016

Temperatures beyond the thirties. Air or water one may ask. Well, today it is true for the air. Yet even the water is not very refreshing anymore. The water is also calm and so there are good conditions for big fish schools, which have been sighted.



School of fish
School of Fish




March 7, 2016

It’s hot know and not enough wind for kiting anymore. The best one can do in those days is to have a plunge in the sea even if there are still algeas.

Air today 31 ° C. Water still refreshing but with temperatures like this in a couple of days it will increase significantly.

Korean Dive 1
Organized Korean diving. This is almost a small group!!
Beach towards Angol Point.
A part of the beach with less algeas (near Station 3)

Today there were not so many Chineses groups on the way. And when it is too hot. Asian people prefer to stay in the shadow. So the beach looks quiet empty between station 3 and station 2.

Beach towards St. 2, many Algeas
This is a hot smelly algea surface all the way between station 3 and 1. It’s not very pleasant to walk in that slippery substance. It’s not even pleasant to swim here.
Into the Channel (South)
Into the channel. South End of Boracay.
In the channel (south)