Stay Over Manila

My international flight arrived late at Manila airport, Terminal 1. I had also an early flight in the next morning, so I booked a hotel¬† close to the airport. After checking some reviews I decided for ‘Go Hotels Manila Airport’.¬†I put imortance on cleanliness an quiet. Booking via Agoda: 42 Euro. There are of course also cheaper hotels close by.


The hotel is only a 7 min drive with the taxi. I did not know it was so close. The taxidrivers – as usual – try alway to take advantage of you, even if it is a yellow metered taxi. I had to ask him to turn the meter on. Anyway, it didn’t work and I didn’t care, because I was just too tired. Usually such a distance is about 100 peso with the yellow taxi (the meter in this taxis usally is preset on 70 peso already). I paid 150.

The Hotel

Check in no problem. It was also not busy at the time. My room was very small but most important clean! Toilett and shower is sperated. Especially the toilett with the sink is small, but clean and quite new. There is a good aircon, two beds, a TV and a deep shelf to put some things or clothing. More or less, that’s it.

Despite the room, the hotel offers nothing. Almost nothing! There is a massage service and a little shop. I was hungry a thursty. The shop however had not even a bottle of water so sell. That’s poor. The only shop outside the hotel is a 7 Eleven store across the street (at least!!).

Check out

At 11 pm at the latest. My domestic flight went from Terminal 3. This terminal is about 15 min from the hotel. The hotel offers a taxi service. They want to charge you 400 peso for that. That’s far to expensive. After a little negotiation talk they offered me the service for just 180 peso. That’s more reasonable.

After all, the hotel met my most important demands – cleanliness and quiet!

For a stay over, just right!



Boracay – Manila 45 Minutes

Naia Terminal 3 – Hotel 3 hours 30 Minutes!!

(May 4, 2016)

Bad, bad, Taxi-Situation: Maybe it has to get worse before it can get better. But a year ago it was already the same. There are not enough taxis to deal with the amount of travellers. If one has to wait 2 hours for a taxi it is just to much. And regular taxis are not allowed. Only the yellow ones. Only one thing has changed since last year. Now they have a seconde line for senior citizen and people with infants. Sadly for me, I’m not old enough and I have also no infant I could claim mine. So I have to wait even longer than last year. If this situation clears up with the new Skyline finished?

Manila Terminal 3, Taxi Stand, endless queue (pic. from 2015). On the left one can see the beginning of the Skyline contruction. Today there is the massive concrete pillar.


Ati-Atihan 2015 with Popes Blessings

Today is Sunday 18th. At 9am we have cloudy skys with the sun about to brake through. Light wind only.

Pope Francis will hold an open air mass in Manila. Six million people are expected. ati-atihan-Boracay
The Ati-Atihan Festival in Boracay took place last Sunday. Today the parade in Kalibo takes place.

The Ati-Atihan Festival is celebrated in honour of Sto. Nino. Different tribes appear in colourful fancy dresses and dance on the street to the rhythm of drums and jingling Johnny.