Business almost like usual

Less tourists during the easter weekend. Mainly the party people are missing. There are no huge setups on the beach like in previous years which is honestly not so bad at all. All this crazyness went just too far over the years.

Easter weekend 2018
Easter Weekend 2018
Beach Cleaning 2018
Organized Beach Clean Up.

Since President Duterte called Boracay a cesspool and demanded for action, local politicians get very nervous. So they inititate some activities to show the president their good will, like beach clean up.


Before and After Party

Before Party. Beachfront Epic. The beach smells terrible. The sand is not white, but grey. But maybe authorities will tell us it was always like that…?

April 30, 2017, Beachfront Epic.
April 30, Beachfront Epic

The day after. White Beach?

May 1, 2017, Beachfront Epic, after party. But never mind. What the staff will not clean up, the ocean will do, as it always does. Out of sight, out of mind!! But there is still this foul scent in the air.

Party, Party, Party…

April 29, 2016

The advertising caravan has arrived and so have thousands of party people and give-away hunters. It’s the big weekend. It’s getting loud, it’s getting louder! A vacationer from other parts of the world who came here to enjoy a prisine tropical beach and find some rest from the hustle and bustle he believed just to have escaped from, may have choosen the wrong time and the wrong place, if his residence is situated at the front beach (White Beach).

Set up on the White Beach. Companis take over the paradise!
Standing in line for freebies and bubbling sugarwater.

The party people however seem to enjoy the action, the noice, the spectacle. It’s the hottest time of the year. The crowd, the promoters and screeming hosts everywhere, make the felt air temperature even higher.

Not many places at the White Beach are left, where one can still find some serenity.




NEW Year’s Eve – Boracay 2014

These are the worse weather conditions for this very last day of the year 2014.

Right now (5 pm) it rains heavily, it’s cool and it is windy. In addition the high tide is pushing the masses of people together. There is to much water all around. The high tide will come up until 6:40 pm so the White Beach will be flooded.

No good outlook for the big party. The thousands of party people have to squeeze together for cover.