Under Water Scene

Coral growing out of the seafloor.

Montastraea. A genus of colonial stony coral. It’s inhabited by  polyps which will extend out of their cavities in the night.



Winds of 17 knots in late April…

…and sunny conditions even? That’s strange so late in the season. I’ve never experienced such strong winds at this time. Most of the kiteboard tourists have left. So the Bulabog belongs to the locals or to those who live here.

Lucky me, I haven’t my kite gear wrapped up yet! So, lets go on a ride!

Windy App
Spot: Boracay, Manoc Manoc

It doesn’t look like windy, but it is. Where are the kites? Not very busy!

Bulabog Beach, 22 April, at 10:15 am; wind right now 15 knots.

Only downside: the tide is coming up very fast. At noon we will have 1.8 m. That means at parts of the Bulabog there will be no beach left to launch or land your kite!



And as it seems, it will stay like that for the next few days.

Two Beaches in One Day

1 April 2019

First we visit Bulabog Beach. Surprisingly good wind conditions late in the season. Until we have a solid 15 kts blowing from ENE. On the water it is not very busy. We have an max. of 20 kites up. We had a nice kite session at „Habagat Kite Center“.

Habagat Kiteboarding
Bulabog Beach. Late in the Season. Enjoying kiteboarding and tranquility of a beautiful tropical beach.
The wind has dropped around 1 pm. In the morning until noon we had winds up to 16 kts.
Time to Relax

And then we make over to White Beach.

They got their own floating jetty at Station 1 now (after the one at Station 3). Ready to take on Mass Tourism!!
White Beach at the North end. Here the first Algae’s in this season arrive on the scene. This Algae’s are not very pleasant. On the beach they are slippery and backed by the hot sun it smells like old cabbage.
For the most part however White Beach is very beautiful. It’s getting hotter.
That’s why its called White Beach!

Ladies in Red…

…lost in the blue!

A stark contrast of color

The unknown Fish

I saw this little fish only because it just had left its hidingplace between a soft coral. First I thought it was a piece of seaweed. Then I realized what an interesting animal had come across my camera lense.

Hard to discover

Unknown Fish.JPG
The brown-white pattern and the ray-finns offer great camouflage

Unknown Fish 1
The pair of antlers stands out as its distinctive mark.