Every coin has its two sides and so has White Beach.

White Beach had shown its best side on calm, sunny conditions, just when I returned from Europe. it changed dramaticaly when the southwest monsoon (Habagat) introduced itself.

White Beach, Chinese women couple, selfie


First stirrings of a change in the weather pattern.

Clouds comming up
White Beach, Boracay


Wind is comming up; first driftwood washed ashore.

Boracay White Beach. Such a massive root is always good for something.


But there is more to come. A moderate southwest monsoon changes the face of the ‘White Beach’. Floating things, like plastic, debris but mostly driftwood or coconuts etc, gets washed ashore in large quantities and leaves behind a wild mess on the beach.




Two Beaches – One Day

Bolabog Beach and White Beach are opposite of each other. At the narrowest point these beaches are not even 500 meters apart. Bolabog facing toward east, White Beach facing toward west. However, it seems, as if both beaches were located on two different islands.

Impressions from today, April 26, 2017

Bolagob Beach

It’s very hot today (35 °C). Even if a gentle breeze today offers a nice relief at Bolabog Beach, an umbrella is not a bad idea!
The light breeze from east is still enough to keep a kite in the air.
Aissatou Beach Resort (Habagat Kiteboarding) has the best location at Bolabog. They even have a nice garden inside where you can relax.

White Beach (today)

Because the White Beach lies lee side, there is hardly to feel any wind today. The south part of the beach is quiet free from algeas now. A lot of algeas are still in the middle part just at the height of the Regency Resort. But here at the south it is almost a perfect beach day, and look at these colors!

Crystal blue (White Beach, South, Angol)
What a background for a selfie!
Enjoy a dive…
Enjoy scrubbing your skin with the fine sands of White Beach (fine and white at least partially!!)



What is wrong with this snails?mad snail, gary

Why do they come ashore,

where they decease dreadful,

dried out by the merciless sun

by the thousands?

Snails stranded

We don’t want to blame the algeas, do we? Although it is a fact that this phenomenon occures with the algeabloom on its peak. It is also known, that these kind of algeas divest oxygen from the water. So, is it maybe the lack of oxygen that drives these animals out of their habitat.

Snail in it’s natural habitat under water

Hoist Your Flags

Does the size of a flag say something about the size of the country it represents? I almost believe it is so. The bigger the country the bigger the flag. That makes absolutely sense to me!

Here is the proof : Switzerland is at least three times as big as China and twenty times as big as Germany.

‘Giant Switzerland’

The bigger the flag, the bigger the country. That’s true. Or is it not true for the size of the country but for the Ego?

After all – does size really matter?

Yes, yes, yes – it does!!!

Ati-Atihan 2015 with Popes Blessings

Today is Sunday 18th. At 9am we have cloudy skys with the sun about to brake through. Light wind only.

Pope Francis will hold an open air mass in Manila. Six million people are expected. ati-atihan-Boracay
The Ati-Atihan Festival in Boracay took place last Sunday. Today the parade in Kalibo takes place.

The Ati-Atihan Festival is celebrated in honour of Sto. Nino. Different tribes appear in colourful fancy dresses and dance on the street to the rhythm of drums and jingling Johnny.

Kite Boracay, Weatherconditions, dec 28

Bulabog Beach, dec 28
Bulabog Beach 3 pm, viewing direction north

Sunrise 6:10 am

Sunset: 5:36 pm

Today sunny

Wind was less than expected: 15 – 23 knots. Moderate gusts. North/East.

Bulabog Beach
Bulabog Beach 3 pm, viewing direction south

Average Kites (without students) on the water ∼ 75

Forcast: A low pressure is closing in. We are expecting much stronger winds and heavy rain especially for Tuesday, dec. 30.

Tropical Disturbance 99W (LPA) becomes a Tropical Depression 23W (SENIANG) as it gains strength while over the South Philippine Sea, east of Mindanao. 23W (SENIANG) is expected to directly affect most parts of Visayas and Mindanao including Palawan this coming week.  Satelite pic dec. 28

This cyclone will enhance the Northeast Monsoon (Hanging Amihan) – bringing cooler, windy and mostly cloudy conditions with occasional slight to moderate rains along the northern and eastern sections of Luzon..