Sunset Today



  • low tide of the day was at 11:53 am (0.3m)
  • high tide was at 7:01 pm (1.1m)
  • Air 29°C (day)
  • Water 25°C
  • Wind ~ 10 kts
  • scattered rainfalls

Tropical Depression


It was just too hot for this time of the season. ‘Tino’, once a tropical storm, will change that. Although downgraded to just a tropical depression now, it will bring lots of rain and cooler temperatures, as low as 23 ° Celisius (night). The exchange of warm and cold air masses will of course produce good winds for the next couple of days.

The weather pattern is about to change. Forcast: Wind up to 20 knots, rain and cooler temperatures.

~ cloud cover 83%

~ Wind 11 kts (Gust 14 kts)

  •  low tide was at 10:52 h
  • 0.2 m


Church of Panay

A historical landmark.

Boracay is part of Panay. We refere to Panay as the mainland, but technically spoken, Panay is just a much bigger island.

Compared to Europe, the Philippines is not very rich in historical inheritances. And if there are, they are mostly churches or marks left by the Spaniards in colonial days (1565 – 1762).

The Church of Panay  or Santa Monica Parish Church is located just outside Roxas City. It’s declared as a National Historical Landmark.

Church of Panay

It’s one of the oldest church buildings in Panay. After the original church –  built in 1774 –  was destroyed by a typhoon in 1875, the new church was erected on that very site in 1884. It’s walls are about 3 meters thick and built of coral blocks.



Church of Panay



Church of Panay
The clock tower houses the lagest bell in the Philippines or even in Asia                (about 10 tons)

Church of Panay, Ceiling

Church of Panay, AltarPulpit, Church of Pany

Church of Panay

Church of Panay


Harlequin Snake Eel

Or Banded Snake Eel is a mimicry of the poisonous banded sea snake. As eels hide during the day and hunt by night the Banded Snake Eel makes an exception. As he appears as a snake it seems, it also behaves as one, which means, swimming around by day as snakes do.

Snake Eel
Myrichthys colubrinus, Harlequin snake eel

However, cornered by a diver, it gets agitated and runs kind of a mock attack. After all, the eel resembles a deadly poisonous snake. But its all just a con!


The snake eel uses the confusion of the potential enemy to escape to the nearest borrow.



Snake Eel

Banded Snake Eel, intimidated by the diver, nervously trys to find its burrow – which is obviously blocked by a sea urchin – only to disappear completely underground.


How many Stars do You See?

The blue sea star (starfish) is common in Philippine waters. It’s natural habitat is the shallow waters of the Indo-Pacific.

Linckia laevigata

The blue sea star has five arms which are highly flexible, even if the body feels stiff and inflexible.

In very rar cases the blue sea star has only four arms.

Sea star with four arms

Four arms only. A caprice of nature?


How many sea stars do you see?

How many?



Albino sea star


For me, the couple of minutes, after the sun has set, are experienced as the most atmospheric of the day. There is truly something ritualistic in that short moment. Only one thing can make this moment even more elevated – to witness the returning of the Flying Foxes to the mainland. But no Flying Fox was seen today on the White Beach side.

evening mood


afterglow station 3
afterglow; awesome
…not only for humans.