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National Holiday





The unknown Fish

I saw this little fish only because it just had left its hidingplace between a soft coral. First I thought it was a piece of seaweed. Then I realized what an interesting animal had come across my camera lense.

Hard to discover
Unknown Fish.JPG
The brown-white pattern and the ray-finns offer great camouflage
Unknown Fish 1
The pair of antlers stands out as its distinctive mark.

Monkey Island (Part II)

Most of us live in Boracay for many years already. We saw the changes and  maybe we don’t like the development. People like us try always to escape mass tourism. Finally arrived on the beach, we just can imagine how Boracay must have been alike twenty or so, years ago. Not many tourists back then. No tourists now here! Only us. Well, a couple of eco tourists were here as well. They stayed in a little, neat resort in the back. Apart from that, its only us and the locals who live here. Sadley we got to know, that the Chinese have already bought a big part of that piece of quiet nature. So, this is perhaps the last time we’ll experience this beach this quiet and this untouched!

Money Point Trip 1_Donna_Beach
Just beachless!



Monkey Point Trip 2018_On the rock
Cliff jumping
Monkey Point Trip 2018_Waterview_Rock
Crystal clear


Monkey Point Trip 2018_Water_Jungle


Monkey Point Trip 2018_Rocky_Next Beach
Wild around the edge

The warm evening light reminds us – the boat is waiting. For me, a day imagining Robinson Crusoe comes to an end, one beautifull day off the beaten track!







Monkey Island (Part 1)

The trip to ‘Monkey Island’ will take approximately one hour by bangka. As the name suggest, our thought was we were going to an island which was inhabited by monkeys. But as it turned out we had a little misunderstanding here. The location we were heading to was not called Monkey Island but Monkey Point. And this name was not referring to monkeys living there but to a protruding rock formation that should resemble the head of a monkey (Gorilla probably). Anyway, its a beautiful site off the beaten tourist track.




Rock formation almost like Palawan, El Nido



Monkey Point ahead.


Monkey Point
Dropping Anker
On the small shuttle boat
Jungle and Beach
Touch down