Fooled by the Wind…

… could have been ‘kiteboarders’ slogan for today.

One can not predict nature. That’s a fact, everybody knows.  And yet, one or two kiteborders were pissed off by that constant ups and downs and even coursed the crazy  sideshore wind from north of these days.


Kiters are not very happy with the winds of this season
Partly Cloudy
cloud cover 70%

Wind: 10 – 16 kts

Air: 25° C

Kite in the air: ~ 40


Tropical Depression


It was just too hot for this time of the season. ‘Tino’, once a tropical storm, will change that. Although downgraded to just a tropical depression now, it will bring lots of rain and cooler temperatures, as low as 23 ° Celisius (night). The exchange of warm and cold air masses will of course produce good winds for the next couple of days.

The weather pattern is about to change. Forcast: Wind up to 20 knots, rain and cooler temperatures.

~ cloud cover 83%

~ Wind 11 kts (Gust 14 kts)

  •  low tide was at 10:52 h
  • 0.2 m



Unexpected strong winds blew yesterday (~ 25 knots) and today (~ 25 – 19 knots). Yesterday “sunny side down” today “sunny side up!” It’s still cool for this time of the year. Air 26°, water not over 22°C. With 9m² I was occasionally overpowered. My friend was using 5m² having much fun. Average 10 kites in the water. Tide at 11 am at a comfortable 1.1m rising to 1.5 til 3 pm. Incredible white, flat wave bases inside the reef.

Beach very dirty. This is the better looking part.
High Tide at 3.30 pm 1.5 m

Last Rear Up of the Wind

It’s late in the season for kiteboarding at Bulabog-Beach. But yesterday and today wind-catchers are happy. Windspeeds up to 23 knots (the peak today 2:30 pm for 30 minutes) was possible. Today in the morning was less wind than in the afternoon. Usually it is different.

March 29, 2016. Not many kiters these days
March 29, 2016. Tranquil scenery
March 29, 2016

Data of today:

Wind: 12 knots to 23 knots during the day.

Air: 27° C

Humidity: 96%

High Tide: 1:30 pm, 1.5 m

Kites ~ 30