Northeast Monsoon

Northeast Monsoon brings cooler, windy conditions.

Cloudcover 50 %, few rainshowers.

Air 30 °C

Water 27 °C

Wind ~ 14 to 17 knots

Incoming Tide 4:30 pm, Lagutan Beach



Kiteday Nov. 28, 2015

Today it was partially cloudy with few rainshowers in the morning.

Wind 10 to 15 knots; from 2 pm on constant wind by around 15 knots.

High Tide at 12:30,  1m only.

Approx. 60 Kites in the water

Core XR Black 2015, Size 10
Core Kite XR. New model 2015 black


Kite Schools Boracay

The main season for kiteboarding in Boracay starts with the North-East Monsoon. The wind then is called Amihan. The location of the schools are at Bolabog Beach. Bolabog Beach is just opposite of White Beach. It is the second largest beach in Boracay but maybe only one third of the size of White Beach.

Thirteen kite-schools, sometimes closely spaced, operate at that beach. There are also three spots for windsurfing.

Kiteschools Isla and Hangin next to each other
Kiteschools Isla and Hangin next to each other