Massive Erosion at White Beach

The heavy rains over the weekend caused massive erosion especially at the Station 2 area of the White Beach. Literally the whole back beach in front of Aria is gone!

Erosion Epic
Erosion Station 2
Erosion Aria
Erosion Aria

From Stem to Stern


White Beach to its full extension! A strech of about 4 kilometers.

Direction of view is north to south.

Location: Station 1, Club Paraw
Location: Hotel Ambassador
This is the End or the Beginning of the famous White Beach in the north. Today it has shown itself almost from its very best!

Today we had 11 hours and 27 minutes of sun.

low tide was at 9:03 am; – 0.1m

The Offerings of Nature

Sometimes I wonder, how crazy this world is. Living in a touristic place – an island, with  wide, long sandy beaches, lovely warm seas, turquoise shallow waters and magnificent sunsets, most people seem not at all enjoy, what I am enjoying – the offerings of nature!

That might be a reason why those tourists are not disturbed much by overdevelopment in every single part, of a more and more aggressive tourist industry. The awe of a sunset is reduced to a video clip they made from the actual sunset. It looks like there is no devotion, no meditation or pureness in their sensation.

It seems though, they enjoy what they are doing. And even if this kind of joy may be very shallow – it is a kind of joy!

It seems, many of them have no sense for nature anymore. Nature is reduced to a frozen picture or a video clip, they can send via WhatsApp back home. With affectation of awe, they possibly describe to their relatives and friends how awesome that sunset was they have eye witnessed, when in truth, they just took a video of it. That’s their virtual reality!

Station 3. Paraws spread out over several 100 meters occupying the beach-front.
Where is the sunset? Sailingboats station 3.
Sailingboats Station 1

Today it is ‘All Saints’ Day’. Today the water sports businesses are suspended. Today one could walk or jog, the entire stretch of the beach, which one can usually not (at least not in the afternoon), because of the ‘hundred’s’ of sailing boats (serving thousands of tourists) ‘parking’ right on the beach, waiting for customers.

Watersport business on All Saints Day suspended.

Today the horizon was open, not covered by the same sailing boats, whose vast number, makes it sometimes difficult to catch a free view of the sunset and horizon.


Today however the sun set behind a mystic blue-grey wall, which was quiet magnificent. Nature, in all its facets and appearances, is only comprehensible if captured with the naked eye, and seen with a true heart!



Every coin has its two sides and so has White Beach.

White Beach had shown its best side on calm, sunny conditions, just when I returned from Europe. It changed dramaticaly when the southwest monsoon (Habagat) introduced itself.

White Beach, Chinese women couple, selfie


First stirrings of a change in the weather pattern.

Clouds comming up
White Beach, Boracay


Wind is comming up; first driftwood washed ashore.

Boracay White Beach. Such a massive root is always good for something.


But there is more to come. A moderate southwest monsoon changes the face of the ‘White Beach’. Floating things, like plastic, debris but mostly driftwood or coconuts etc, gets washed ashore in large quantities and leaves behind a wild mess on the beach.